An Investment In the Future of Business

Markets all over the world are under constant pressure for consolidation. Major corporations continue to merge, and small businesses are struggling. We offer services intended to make small and medium size businesses competitive once again. We do that by offering services that are simple and intuitive, making it accessible to all business owners, independent of their level of technical competence.

We are currently offering a website development service. Business owners can get their own fully customized website built for them in as little as 24 hours, with a subscription at the price of a phone line. Additional services are under development.

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About Our Website Development Service

We aspire to bring small and medium size businesses from across the country online, creating a meaningful online presence that will help them stay competitive and develop their businesses further. 


Using our partially automated system, customers can get a website for their business simply by providing us with content.

Add-on features and systems

We provide more advanced systems for businesses with special needs, such as table reservation for restaurants, hotel bookings for hotels, and appointment bookings for other service businesses.

Other digital marketing

There are several other digital marketing initiatives under development. These will be announced and released continuously. Making digital marketing simple and easy is at the core of our founding mission.

“We want done. to be a force for good, giving the local mom and pop shop the ability to make use of today’s digital marketing technology and make themselves competitive against the big corporations that are taking over their market.”

Tobias Mikalsen
Co-Founder and CEO

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